County Badminton Report

The county first team completed its season with two more resounding victories, beating Notts III 14-1 and Warwickshire III 13-2 to take a maximum 24 points from the eight matches played, thus ensuring a speedy promotion back to Division 1 of the Victor Sports Inter County Championships. Such was the countys domination throughout the season that, over the eight matches, the team won 106 games and lost only 14.

With promotion already secure, team captain, Katherine Cooper, was able to make a few changes and mix the pairings within the team. Playing singles in the last two matches were Ian Murphy, Jonny Cooper, Alex Wyett, Julie Pike, Katherine Cooper and Helen Newstead and they were joined by Justin Gerrard and Toni Sturgeon in the doubles line-up. The ladies were virtually unstoppable in the level doubles throughout the season and, in the mixed doubles, Murphy and Cooper maintained a season long unbeaten record.

The squad can now enjoy a well-earned rest before returning to the tougher opposition which will face them in Division 1 and the challenge of reaching the play-offs to the Premier Division

* The Over 60s squad also had a great season, overcoming Suffolk 10-1 in their final match, to secure a season long unbeaten record for the first time. The team in the final match was Alan Palmer, Copper Ramjeet, Bob Tooby, Gerald Cooke, Ann Hutchin, Linda Foster and Pam Mace.