Under 11s Championship

This season's Under 11s County Championship was a very closely contested event  The boys singles included many evenly matched contests and finished with three boys each winning three of their five games. An analysis of points won and winning matches was therefore needed to determine the placings, giving George Underwood the title with Liam Bond as runner up. The boys doubles was won by Bond and Jonathan Hyde with Underwood and Callum Cox runners up.

The girls singles also contained many close games with the players all evenly matched. The winner of all her games was Tomasin Ainsworth Harrold, making her a worthy winner of the title, leaving Jessica Alder, who lost out to Tomasin 21-18, runner up. The deciding match in the girls doubles was again very close and was finally won by 21 points to 17 by Alder and Ellie Mendham from Ainsworth Harrold and Sophie Gray.

*   The latest Shires League matches resulted in defeats for the county Under 17 and 13 sides, both losing by 13 games to 7. The Under 17s were up against high flying Essex who fielded a particularly strong boys line-up, which Norfolk's boys couldn't match, losing all four of their singles and doubles games. The girls won three singles, with the level and mixed doubles shared. Representing the county were: Tom Hinks, Chris Parrott, Sam Dismore, Nico Schilling, James Bailey, Devon Minnis, Lauren Read, Amy Sharman, Rebecca Lears and Kathryn Adamson
The Under 13s lost 13-7 to Leicestershire, but the final score did not reflect the closeness of the match, with eight games going to three sets bu Norfolk unluckily winning only one. The team was Robbie Hobson, George Vickers, Sean Lott, James Salter, Lauren Mortimer, Kate Sawyer, Beth Underwood and Atlanta Harrison.

*   Tom Hinks from North Wootton, got the New Year off to a good start when he reached the singles final of the Bucks Under 17 bronze tournament. Winning all his group games, he moved on to a close quarter final encounter against Aaron Hsu (Warwicks), coming out on top 25-23. His semi-final resulted in a more comfortable 21-11 victory over Sam McKune (Essex), but he lost the final 21-14 to Michael Armstong from Avon. However, his overall performance means that the has now moves up to level 2 To round off a good day, he and his doubles partner, Graham Hutchings (Somerset) won a bronze medal, narrowly losing their semi-final match to the established Bucks pair of Cousins and Davis 21-18.