Center Parcs National Schools Championships

The County Finals of the Center Parcs National Schools Championships were held at the UEA Sports Park. The boys winners at Key Stage 3 (years 7,8 and 9) were Springwood and the girls, Thorpe St Andrew, whilst Aylsham were the boys winners at Key Stage 4 (years 10 and 11) with Hobart winning the girls event. These four teams then moved on to represent Norfolk at the Regional Finals held in Cambridge. The competition at both age groups was keen and the standard of play was very high, with all the Norfolk teams playing well and to the best of their ability.  At Key Stage 4 the Aylsham boys found their opponents very strong and finished 5-5, whilst the Hobart girls came second in their group, but lost in the first semi-final to the eventual winners.

At Key Stage 3, the boys from Springwood played well to come second in their group but lost a close match in the first semi-final.. But it was the girls from Thorpe St Andrew who set the competition alight for Norfolk. They not only won their group but also had a convincing 5-0 victory over Bedford girls in the first semi-final. The final was an exciting and nail-biting affair  with the girls keeping their nerve to win 3-2 against St Clement Danes ((Herts). The girls, Lauren Mortimer, Kate Sawyer, Beth Underwood and Kylie Amos, will now move on to represent the Eastern Region at Center Parcs, Nottingham on  Saturday, April 21st. We wish them every success.

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Pictured: Kylie Amos, Beth Underwood, Kate Sawyer, Lauren Mortimer