ICT 2012

The county junior badminton season ended with the prestigious Harrod Under 17s Inter Counties Tournament played at Nottingham University. Forty counties entered the competition with every player cheering on ther own team to produce a deafening noise and an electric atmosphere, which makes the ICT so special.

In the first round Norfolk had to face the ultimate winners, Yorkshire. Devon Minnis and Tom Hinks won their mixed game but Norfolk were unable to build on that and went down 9-1. This was followed by two further defeats , 7-3 to Surrey and 6-4 to Worcester. But Norfolk staged a comeback in the second round, beating Bedfordshire 6-4 , Gloucestershire 7-3, Shropshire 7-3 and getting a 5 all draw against Kent. This meant that Norfolk were left fighting for places 21 to 24 in the final round. All the games in the match against Berkshire were hard fought, with six going to three sets. Minnis won her singles and teamed up with Hinks to take a mixed, but the remaining eight went to their strong opponents. The last two matches were won by Worcestershire 6-4 and Avon 7-3, leaving Norfolk in 24th position out of the 40 counties competing. All the players worked hard as a team and were delighted with their final position. As one player said: "The ICT is a rollercoaster with highs and lows but it is also a wonderful experience which will be remembered for a long time

Representing Norfolk were: Sam Dismore, Tom Hinks, Josh Kent, Nico Schilling, Ben Tozer, Kathryn Adamson, Devon Minnis, Georgia Moyes, Emma Piper and Katie Witting.

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U17 ICT Team

Back Row (L-R): Andre Minnis (team manager), Sam Dismore, Josh Kent, Ben Tozer, Tom Hinks, Nico Schilling, Katherine Cooper (team coach)
Front Row (L-R): Maureen Lincoln (team manager), Katie Witting, Emma Piper, Kathryn Adamson, Devon Minnis, Georgia Moyes, Julie Pike (team coach)