Norfolk 2 v Berkshire 2 - County Badminton Report

Reading, Sunday 6th January

Norfolk’s county second team faced their first away match of the season against Berkshire’s second team last Sunday.  With a full strength squad, Norfolk were confident in getting a result which could earn them second position in the league behind leaders Bedfordshire.

Norfolk started the match strongly with the Mens singles.  Dan Leers and Alex Wyett wasted no time in winning both their singles in straight sets.  Leers only letting his opponent win a total of 11 points in the whole game!  Berkshire struck back swiftly with the ladies singles.  Serena Verney and Lucy Curran both losing their games, but both extremely close losing 22 - 20 in the second set.

With the match score tied, Norfolk needed a solid doubles performance to keep in track with what was looking to become a strong Berkshire team.  Unfortunately, it was not to be with all four mens doubles going to the home team.  All games were close, Leers and Paul Daynes losing both their games in three sets and Wyett and James Ruthen losing one of theirs in three.  The ladies doubles proved more successful, Amber Nielsen and Katie Ruthen battled through both of their games, the highlight being a second set victory against the Berkshire first pair, 24-22.  Curran and Verney came so close in both their games, losing 25-23 in third set against the first pair but unfortunately could not convert their hard fought efforts.

Berkshire now had secured the match victory, but Norfolk still had a chance of gaining a losing point if they could win two out of the three mixed doubles remaining.  Demonstrating how close the match was, all games went to three sets.  Crucially, Norfolk won two of the rubbers, Daynes and Nielsen and Curran and Ruthen winning their games, claiming a well earned point for Norfolk.