ICT Report

The U/17 team finished their season playing in the Inter Counties Tournament held at Nottingham University April 4th to April 7th.

The ICT is a very special event. It has an atmosphere all of its own. The noise generated by the teams supporting each other, plus family and friends watching, has to be heard to be believed. It is an experience which players will always remember.

This year 37 counties participated. In the first round Norfolk lost to Lancashire 7-3, Sussex 9-1, but fought hard to beat Gloucester 8-2. In Round 2 we were playing for positions 17 to 32. In the first match we lost a hard fought game 7-3 to Dorset.

The next 3 matches were wins for Norfolk: 6-4 v. Isle of Man, 6-4 v.Northumberland and 8-2 v. Somerset. As a result of coming 2nd in our group, our final round meant we were playing for positions 22 to 26. In our first match we lost to Beds 7-3 but bounced back to defeat Cornwall 7-3 and Shropshire 6-4.

In our last match Devon proved too strong and we lost 7-3. However, we were all delighted with our final position
24/37. This was very much a team effort and all the players gave of their best in every match. They were a real credit to Norfolk both on and off the court.

TEAM: Kathryn Adamson, Devon Minnis, Emma Venier, Lisa Vickers, Katie Witting, Tom Boardman, Dom Ely, Robert Fletcher, George Vickers, Olivier Widdowson.

The overall winner of the Tournament was Bucks in a thrilling final against Yorkshire.The final result was 5-5 in games but Bucks won by 17 points.