Norfolk 2 vs Worcestershire 3 Away 10th November

Norfolk second team had a long drive to play Worcestershire 3rds last Sunday, the team arrived and settled in for a long match, with only 2 courts available. However this meant the team were able to support one another during each game.

First on were the mens’ singles, with Mat Howes stepping up to play first singles, unfortunately he narrowly missed out taking the second set losing 21-13 and 21-19. Our second man was James Ruthen who gallantly stepped up and played singles for us, but also missed out on taking his second set, losing it 22-20.

The womens’ singles was closer, with Serena Verney losing at first singles in three sets. Having won the first set 21-15, she unfortunately lost the next one 21-14 and could not quite scrape the third, losing 21-18. At second women’s singles was Lucy Curran, who won her first singles of the season 21-189 and 21-16, a promising score line for future matches for Curran.

At 3-1 down, the men’s doubles commenced, proving to be a showdown with all four games going to three sets. Ruthen teamed up with stand-in Paul Daynes and won 21-19, 17-21 and 21-13 against the Worcestershire first pair. On the other cour, another stand –in Chris Piff was partnering Howes, where they closely missed out on a win losing the third set 23-21. The second round of mens’ doubles saw Ruthen and Daynes taking theirs to three, winning 21-14 in the third having gone down 21-19 in the first. Piff and Howes lost in three to the Worcester first pair who were just too strong in the third set, with Piff and Howes losing 21-11 in the third.

The women’s doubles gave a similar scoreline. Both Norfolk pairs lost out to the Worcesershire first pair with Verney and Curran losing 21-19 and 21-16 and Michelle Dungar and Sharn Ponsford lost out 21-16 and 21-12. The Norfolk pairs fought hard to win against the Worcestershire second pair. Dungar and Ponsford won comfortably 21-9 and just missed taking it in straight sets, unfortunately losing the second 22-20. They then played well to win their third set 21-14. Verney and Curran took their first set to the same as Dungar and Ponsford winning 21-9, then in the second, help strong to win 21-19.

With just the mixed to go, the score was 7-5 to Worcestershire. To win the match Norfolk needed all three mixed. First up were Ruthen and Dungar who took their pair to three sets but were unfortunately unable to win it, losing 21-12 and 21-14 in the second and third sets. In second, was Daynes and Verney who managed to take their game in two straight sets; 21-17 and 21-11. The third pair were Piff and Ponsford who, like the first pair, took their game to three sets, after winning the second set 21-17 they sadly missed out on their third set losing 21-15.

The final score was 9-6 to Worcestershire, but Norfolk picked up a ‘losing’ point. They next face Durham at home on Saturday 23rd, at Framingham Earl high school, all support is welcomed.