Norfolk 2 vs Worcestershire 3 Home 16th March

Norfolk’s second team are fighting to stay up in their division but after a win against Worcestershire 3rds, this is proving possible.

Afternoon started off well with Ryan Leung battling it out in his singles to come back after losing his first set to win in three, 19-21, 21-16, 21-14. Second men’s singles was played by Alex Wyett (filling in for Matt Howes). Wyett seemed to have a comfortable win, in two sets; 21-18 and 21-11.

In the ladies singles Serena Verney faced the same player she played away, and having lost that game in three sets, she was determined to win this time round. She succeeded in doing so, winning in two straight sets, 21-18, 21-14. Lucy Curran fought hard in her singles, unfortunately losing 16-21, 15-21, despite the scores, the game was a close one with many long and hard fought rallies throughout.


In the men’s doubles Wyett and Leung  had a close three-setter, taking the first set 21-18, and losing the seconds and third sets 17-21 and 19-21 to the Worcestershire pair. They were then given a walkover due to an injury from one of the Worcestershire players, who Leung and the other Norfolk pair had just beaten.


James Ruthen and Simon Debney won their first game in three sets, winning 21-18 in the fist and losing 15-21 in the third. Then Ruthen and Debney took advantage when the Worcesterhire player showed signs that he was struggling, taking the third set 21-9. In Ruthen and Debney’s other game they were not so fortunate, facing yet another three-setter, winning the first 21-11, losing the second 14-21, all was to play for in the third set where the Norfolk pair couldn’t quite scrape the win, losing out 23-21.


In the women’s doubles Curran and Verney also had a three-set battle against the Worcestershire first pair, narrowly losing out 21-17,13-21 and 18-21. Michelle Dungar and Katie Ruthen (filling in for Sharn Ponsford) had an “easy” win over the second pair taking it in two sets; 21-11. 21-14. Dungar and Ruthen then went on to beat the first pair 21-16 and 21-14 for another comfortable win. Curran and Verney then won their second game, another two-set game, 21-12, 21-6.


At this point Norfolk were ahead 8-4 and had won the match, however, they were keen to take all three points, meaning they needed at least of the remaining three matches. With the mixed to go, Norfolk’s strongest event, everyone knew what was needed. All three games went on together, with everyone fired up and wanting to win their matches not just for pride but for points.


Wyett and Verney were playing at first mixed, and had yet another three-sets to play, coming out on top after losing the first set 15-21 they fought back to take the second 21-18 and the third 21-11. At second pair was Ruthen and Dungar, who also took theirs to three after narrowly missing out on the first set 20-22, they then took the second set to win 21-18 which gave Norfolk the edge and they took the third set 21-13. Third pair, Leung and Ruthen, took theirs in two sets, winning the first 22-20 and then a final comfortable win 21-10.


There were many good games and certainly some close one’s but Norfolk came out on top with a great win of 11-4, taking maximum points and reducing their chances of relegation. In the last match of the season, they face Oxfordshire away on the 6th April.