New Badminton course at the Sportspark

The Sportspark in Norwich is putting on a 6 week badminton course which starts on Thursday 9th June (18:40pm - 19:40pm).  All course participants will also receive a voucher to attend a free badminton drop-in session at a time to suit. 

The 6 week badminton course content is as follows:

Week 1

  • The aim of the game, rules and objectives
  • Short serves
  • Forehand and backhand grips
  • Basic tapping
  • Court layout
  • Scoring

Week 2

  • Long serves
  • High tapping
  • Basic tactics
  • Doubles

Week 3

  • Push shots
  • Simple footwork
  • Doubles drills and tactics

Week 4

  • Net shots
  • Forehand and backhand grips
  • Forehand and backhand overhead clear

Week 5

  • Net lifts
  • Drop shots
  • Simple routines and drills
  • More advanced footwork around the court
  • In depth doubles drills and tactics

Week 6

  • The smash
  • More advanced drills and tactics
  • Recap of the course

For further details, including booking information, click here.