2017/2018 season round-up

Another season completed and this one with pleasing outcomes. Our first team remains in Division 2 and our seconds promoted to Div. 3 where we feel they should be and our thirds maintaining their position of last season. There have been problems this season, illness and binding commitments causing players to be unavailable at certain times. In the final weekend matches four of our first team regulars were unavailable. That the team managed to "stay up" gives an indication of how well they played. 

We are grateful to those who filled the gaps, occasionally at very short notice and to those who accepted roles for which they felt reluctant to undertake, ladies singles being one example.

We would particularly like to thank the new captain, Lucy and Adam for their contribution and of course Louise. The captains provide the buffer between the players and Selectors and bear the brunt of any players’ displeasure with our decisions.

There have been many outstanding individual performances by players from all three teams during the season. Of course singling out individuals does not describe the full picture. Each team member has played an important role, whatever their result. We recognize the hours spent in practice, fitness training and competing whilst striving to play at the best level possible, plus the expense and time involved.

In our view this season has been a success and we wish to congratulate each team. We now have a chance to recharge the batteries and you to repair your damaged bodies.

To everyone, Well Done!

The Selectors