Badminton England Senior inter-county Championships included three Norfolk County senior
badminton teams in matches played simultaneously at various regional leisure centres.
Norfolk senior first team at Basildon, beat Herts 3 impressively by 7-4 in the second round of the
Championships, but lost narrowly 5-6 against Essex 2 despite four games going into three close
Leading man, 20 year old James Salter performed outstandingly winning both his singles games;
and the mixed doubles partnered by team Captain Serena Verney.
Charlie Wakefield, recently out of the junior ranks won both his singles matches, as did 18year old
Caitlin Parfitt.
Norfolk County senior second team at Redbridge, beat Kent 3 by 6-5 despite strong opposition.
Both the ladies singles were won by Lisa Vickers and 16year old Jasmine Hudson. Vickers and
Lucy Curran won their ladies doubles.
The mixed doubles matches were won by Norfolk’s Justin Gerrard and Katie Ruthen; James
Ruthen and Natalie Hassall.
Surrey 3 beat Norfolk 2 by a score line 10-1 that belied the closeness of some games.
Hassall and Ruthen won their ladies doubles in close 3 sets to take the only match victory!
Hudson’s singles; the remaining ladies doubles and all the mixed doubles went to gruelling 3
Norfolk 3 beat Lincs 3, confidently winning six of the first seven games.
Harry Wakefield age14, in his first senior County match, won his singles in both matches
demonstrating amazing tactical awareness. Rachael Curnow and Amy Sharman added a straight
sets doubles win to the final 7-4 score.
Cambs 3 beat Norfolk 3 by 6-5. Ben Sharman and sister Amy’s 3 set mixed doubles, just failed to
reverse the final scoreline.
Successful inclusion of junior players bodes well for the future of Norfolk Senior County
Coral Warren
NBA Press officer