Foundation Coaching Course

Foundation Award in Coaching Badminton


Our new Foundation Coach course is the starting point for people who would like to get into coaching badminton and become a coaching assistant. This course will teach you to:

  • Lead fun games, activities, and tournaments
  • Understand the badminton landscape and structure in England
  • Support a ‘coach’ in the delivery of a session through:
    • Delivering appropriate warm ups/ cool downs
    • Appropriately feeding
    • Having a basic knowledge of hitting actions, tactics and the rules of the game
  • Deliver Badminton England programmes such as:
    • No Strings Sessions
    • SmashUp!
    • Racket Pack Lite
  • Understand the badminton landscape
  • Effectively support the development of clubs/ sessions
  • Maximise the participant experience


Why do this course?

Interested in joining the fulfilling world of helping people to develop new skills in their sport? Coaching can be a hugely satisfying experience, where you can decide how much time you commit. Whether it is helping at your local son or daughter’s club for an hour a week or setting up your own badminton club, coaching can work for you. Watching players develop their skills under your guidance is incredibly rewarding, but don’t overlook the benefits you’ll see personally. You’ll develop your personal and professional skills, get a chance to exercise, meet new people, encourage respectful behaviour and improve your confidence.


Please find the live booking link for the Norwich Foundation course here and more details of the course.